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c1850, Japanese original Ukiyo-e Woodblock print, Sadahide, The Battle of the Minamoto and Taira Clans at Yashima, Edo-period.

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Dior A/W ‘11

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Wayne Barlowe - Gods Demon.

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Bones of a sparrow, by Dennis Spelt

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This Silver Coin headdress and one more Mary’s Lavalier are available at San Japan in the @lolitacollective booth. Stop by to come and take a closer look 🌑🕯#atelierpierrot #voodooodolly #headdress #gothic #jfashion #altfashion #goth #lolitacollective #sanjapan

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Everything Atelier Boz except collar and cuffs: marinaasta; shoes: Miz Mooz; jewelry: offbrand. 

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Misty Japan II

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kotaro chiba

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Maya female skeleton known as the Red Queen for the cinnabar her remains and sarcophagus were coated in, Palenque, southern Mexico, ca. 600 A.D.


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